My favorite composer : Ernest Chausson

Ernest Chausson is one of French modern composer.
Ernest Chausson is born at Paris in 1855, and died in 1899 by bicycle accident...
In 44 year life(too short!), Chausson composed symphony,orchestra musics,chamber musics, songs, opera...
All his works are very sensitive and very beautiful.
Introducing life and works of Chausson in this page.

[1]Chauuson(Jean Gallois, translated by Rokuro Nishimura , Ongaku No Tomo Sha editor,Tokyo 1974)
[2]Ernest CHAUSSON(Jean Gallois,Fayard,1994)

Beginning of 2nd movement from "Concert for piano,violin and string quartet"op.21(1891)

Tutorial of Chausson
Work catalog of Chausson 10 August 2004 Published

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Life of Chausson
Chronology of Chausson

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