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In this page, introducing Chausson's work briefly.

Chausson's most famous work is "Poeme" for solo violin and orchestra(or piano). Poeme's introduction is like Prelude of "Tristan und Isolde", and romantic parts and pasionate parts(almost sensual!) continue alternately, and climax of Poeme is brought by violin's cring out! And Poeme is done with reverberation in high spirits.

Chausson's symphony is only one, B flat major. It is like Franck's symphony, but more clearly. I think following : if Franck is born in southern France, he will write his symphony as this.

In chamber music, his most famous and well written work is "Concert for piano, violin and string quartet". Its first movement is started by decided triple tone( D, A ,E ). Continuously, calmly melody and decided melody are alternate, and calmly finished. Second movement is "Sicilienne". It has very calmly and charming melody. Third movement is "Grave". Its mood is grave and tragical. Fourth movement, as final movement, is very vivid! This "Concert"'s premiere peformed on 1892, its reviews were well-disposed, and "Concert" is very important repertory!
Other capital chamber musics are Piano trio, Piano quartet, and String quartet. String quartet is incomplete by his accidental death, therefore String quartet is finished on 3 movements and last several bars is written by d'Indy who is Chausson's friend.

In song, Chausson composed many works. The specially important works are "Poem of Love and the Sea"(accompaniment on orchestra) and "Perpetual Song"(accompaniment on piano and string quartet).

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