My favorite composer : Lekeu

about 1887, in Poitiers
This photo is possessed by Liege royal conservatory of music
(from References[1])
Guillaume Lekeu(1870-1894) is one of French modern composer who died at 24 years old. He was born in Verviers , Belgium.
Lekeu is pupil of Franck and d'Indy. His violin sonata is only famous in violin music lover and French music lover.
But his works is very sensitive and very beautiful and very powerful, and well written!
Introducing life and works of Lekeu in this page.

Monument of Lekeu in Verviers on Belgium

Tomb of Lekeu. He is sleeping with his parents.
Photo by J.M.D. in Belgium

[2]CESAR FRANCK AND HIS CIRCLE(Laurence Davies,Da Capo Press,1970)

1st movement from Piano Sonata(1891)

Tutorial of Lekeu 30 January 2003
Work catalog of Lekeu  31 January 2004

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