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Lekeu's most famous work is sonata for violin and piano.
The prehistory of composition is that when Belgian great violinist Eugene Ysaye listened a fragment of Lekeu's cantata "Andoromede" in Brussels, immediately Ysaye commissioned Lekeu to compose violin sonata.
Lekeu's violin sonata is recorded by many violinist since early times. For example, Menuhin, Grumieaux. Recently, Lekeu's sonata is one of important violinist's repertory and many Japanese violinists have recorded. Frequently, Lekeu's viloin sonata is coupling with Frank's violin sonata. The reason is maybe Lekeu was a pupil of Frank.

Another famous work is maybe unfinished Piano Quartet. The violin sonata and piano quartet are recorded by relatively many player. Other available works are Piano trio and cello sonata and several songs...
Although Lekeu had composed more than 100 works, many of their works are unavailable now...

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