Nino Rota ,as a classical composer

Nino Rota(1911-1979) is famous as a film music composer, but he studied classical music academically. He composed not only many film musics( for example, "God Father") also many classical music and they are very beautiful.
First, I listened his sonata for flute and harp(1937) and I get turn of by Nino Rota's chamber works. In this page, I'm indroducing Nino Rota's classical works.

[1]WAVE32 "Nino Rota"(Atelier Peyotl 1992 ; in Japanese)
[2]Many booklets of Nino Rota's CD.

1st movement from Sonata for flute and harp(1937)
(Harp part is playing by Piano.)

Catalogue of Nino Rota's classical works

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