Japanese Professional Artists

Sachio Fujioka
Conductor, Sachio Fujioka's official web site. Mr. Fujioka has recorded actively Takashi Yoshimatsu's orchestral works.
Profile page is only written in English.

Yoko Hasegawa
Cellist, Yoko Hasegawa's official web site. Ms. Hasegawa's tone of cello is very brilliant!
Profile page is only written in English.

Miyo Umezu
Violinist, Miyo Umezu's official site.
Her site is written in English, French, and Japanese. But I have seen only Japanese page :-)

Chitose Okashiro
Pianist, Chitose Okashiro's official site. This site is Ms. Okashiro's new Label "Chateau"'s site, too. All contents of this site is written in both English and Japanese.
Her newest recording is Mahler's 1st symphony "Titan"! This work is played by Ms. Okashiro's original arrangement for 2 hands which is based on Bruno Walter's arrangement for 4 hands.
Her activity has been extremely creative, and maybe it will be very extremely creative,too!

My Friends

HASSEL Home Page-J-S
A keyborad player, Mr. HASSEL's web site.
He plays not only modern piano but also harpsichord, historical pianoforte, clavichord, and Cristofori piano! And his ability of playing music at sight is very excellent. For example, he plays at sight Beethoven's late quartet, Nino Rota's Sonata for flute and harp, and their playing are very beautiful!
Top page of his site is only written in English. Almost all of contents are written in Japanese.

BASSO CONTIONUO 2004/02/10 URL reviced
Mr. "Hono no Continuo"'s web site. ("Hono no Continuo" means "Flame of Basso Continuo" in Japanese :-P)
He is amateur keybord player and composer and arranger. He plays harpsichord and modern piano. His ad lib playing is very funky and very unique!
His site is written in English, Japanese and Korean!

Online Shopping

Very famous "Amazon"'s American web site. I frequently use Japanese site, and sometimes use American site and French site. There are Canadian site and Germany site, too. But there isn't Italian site:-)

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